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Posture Lite Products

Event Cushion

The Events Cushion is a vital member of the PostureLITE PRESCRIBED SUPPORT SYSTEM. It creates the Ultimate Comfort Experience in the hardest of seats because it readily moulds to the shape of the user's bottom and the seat. It discourages slouching, helps the user sit up straight, improves posture and alleviates back pain.

It is the natural companion to take to any events:
* Baseaball * Basketball *Cricket *Football *Hockey *Rugby
* Spectacular entertainment productions.

Using the Events Cushion is a breeze! You simply press the "OPEN" button on the valve and, in a matter of seconds, the Events Cushion will be completely inflated. Just press the "CLOSE2 button and it's ready to use.

And once inflated, the PostureLITE Events Cushion can be adjusted at the touch of a button to fit your unique comfort needs. The special memory foam inside the cushion retains your body shape delivering tailored comfort no matter where you are!

The PostureLITE Events Cushion is great for any event because it rolls away for easy storage. The Events Cushion fits easily into a backpack or bag so you can take it with you anywhere.

In fact, the PostureLITE Events Cushion is perfect anytime, wherever you need additional seating comfort:
*In the Car *At the office *At picnics *At Home *In the Gardn *In Nursing Homes *In Hotels.

PostureLITE Event Cushion

Lumbar Cushion

The Lumbar support was the first product in the PostureLITE PRESCRIBED SUPPORT SYSTEM.

Designed to provide support to the lower back andhelp BANISH back pain, it has already proved itself in Australia, particularly with patients of physiotherapists and chiropractors.

The PostureLITE Lumbar Support is an ideal travel pillow that is so convenient on long flights or in the car. It comes with a strap that can be wrapped around your waist - or secured to your seat. Or maybe, when you're just sitting at home or in the office and your back is killing you, there is only one thing to do. Grab your PostureLITE Lumbar Support. It will adjust to any body shape - even while in position.

It is extremely convenient as it can be rolled into a small package for transportation and is usable in most seating situations.

The PostureLITE Lumbar Support is so good looking and its functionality, portability and ease of use all add up to quality that makes it and the other PostureLITE products assured winners. To adjust the PostureLITE Lumbar Support, press the button on the valve after it has inflated and this will regulate the pressure to hard, soft, thick or thin.

Available in velour or sand embossed finish.

PostureLITE Lumbar Cushion

Multi - Purpose Cushion

The Multi-purpose Cushion is the mini-pillow in the PostureLITE PRESCRIBED SUPPORT SYSTEM.

It is a self-inflating cushion that provides real pillow thickness comfort.

Adaptable for many uses - in many places:

* A must for every car - for Mum in the front or the Kids in the back,

* The ideal camping pillow;

* Highly recommended for picnics.

Provides adjustable comfort wherever it is needed:

* In the Car;
* At the office;
* At picnics;
* At Home;
* In the Garden;
* In Nursing Homes;
* In Hostels;

Avaialble in sand embossed finish.

PostureLITE Multi Cushion

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