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The Spira Chair - with headrest

• Pelvic Air Support
• Lumbar Air Support
• Neck Support
• Adjustable Armrests
• Seat Depth Adjustment
• Backrest Angle Adjustment
• Free Float Mechanism

The Spira chair is a unique ergonomic chair offering independently adjustable pelvic and lumbar supports, a free floating mechanism and special air-cell seat, all for a very realistic price! Complete with neck support and armrests, this chair is adjustable for a variety of people suffering with a variety of conditions.

Fabric colour available in midnight blue or black

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Chair Measurements:

Seat width:

480 mm

Seat depth:

430 mm - 480 mm

Seat height:

400 mm - 490 mm

Back height:

580 mm - 650 mm

Back width:

460 mm





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